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Suspended platforms erect 10 storey banner

Spider, a division of SafeWorks LLC, recently supplied six suspended access platforms to help erect a 10 storey high Nike advertisement featuring LeBron James, an NBA basket ball player, on the Sherwin Williams Building in Tower Square Cleveland.
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Six suspended platforms were used

The mesh banner, weighed over 1,000kgs with a height of over 30 metres and a width of almost 60 metres.

The company provided 12 Zmac/1000 hoists, six modular platforms, and various tower frames and outriggers to Sign Lite, the contractor responsible for erecting the massive advertisement. Spider then completed the rigging work that enabled the lifting and placement of the sign, while allowing access for workers to attach the advertisement to the building.
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The riging comes into play to raise the banner

Quick turnaround of equipment and professional, timely rigging capabilities were essential in the success of this project.
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The finished product has become a tourist attraction