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A funny for Friday

A reader – a crane man – has sent us a link to an amusing powered access video, involving the improper use of a remote controller.

A tad on the slapstick side but take a look and have a great safe weekend.

Worker Stuck in Ceiling Prank!!!

Posted by Best Funny Videos on Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Bloody hell there is always one to spoil the joke. Well done float your load you must be a right laugh at the Xmass party.

Jul 11, 2015

The real health and safety violation is the stick in your ass. Is it wrong to laugh at Mr Bean who is obviously slightly socially retarded, oh wait lets ban water that’s really dangers!!

Jul 11, 2015

Also hosted at 'Crushing accidents are funny . com" Someone want to tell me what is funny tricking members of the public into thinking that they had crushed someone ?

Jul 10, 2015
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