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Fabrication moves at Socage

Italian truck mounted aerial lift manufacturer Socage has announced two new initiatives to help improve the technology and consistency of the structural steel components used in its latest models.

The first is the acquisition of one of its key suppliers of fabricated steel components – Luzzara based CATT which produces and paints a range of fabrications for Socage. The acquisition was agreed back in March but has not been formalised. The CATT plant includes laser cutting and robot welding equipment, making Socage more vertically integrated and taking its workforce up to around 140.
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The CATT facility

The second is a new partnership with the Austrian fabrication company Welser to produce complex rolled profiles with high tensile steels such as SSAB’s Docal. The new profiles are used in the latest versions of Socage’s 28 metre ForSte 28D and its new E Series.
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The team at CATT


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