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Customs & Excise on the prowl

A team from the UK’s Customs & Excise department has been out visiting truck and van manufacturers this week asking for information on customers and access to their databases.

It seems that customs are preparing a clamp down on the use of red diesel and are seeking the help of manufacturers to trace buyers. From information that we have obtained it seems that owners or users of van lifts are the main target for this campaign.
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A chassis mount, is likely to be OK on red diesel

The C&E thinking behind this is that open chassis trucks, from Land Rovers up to the largest truck mounts are classified as mobile cranes and thus permitted to use Red Diesel, while van mounts dedicated to street lighting and utility work are also exempted. All others are classified as cargo vehicles and thus supposed to use white tax paid diesel.
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A panel van for general use must use white diesel

So if you own or use a van mounted aerial lift you had better double check the fuel you are using and if it is red diesel, be certain that you are legally allowed to do so. Before you get caught!


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