Telehandler overturn

A telehandler overturned on Monday at a job site in Wrexham, North Wales while lifting a large steel beam.

The telehandler, a mid-range JCB was working on the steelwork of a new office block for the Unite Union in the town centre. The boom was fully extended as it lifted a large steel beam to full height. The ground looks out of level and may have played a part in the overturn along with a slightly off balance load? It also looks as though the stabilisers might not have been down, although it is difficult to be certain from the angle the photograph was taken.

The operator was fortunately able to crawl out of the cab and was relatively unhurt. Damage to property – apart from the telehandler – was also minor.
The scene shortly after the incident occured


In response to improve safety on rough terrain forklifts and telescopic handlers we have developed a unique real time wireless tire pressure monitoring system solely designed for radial tires mounted on the W type single - piece rim wheels fitted with the 15.7mm / 0,625” ETRTO V5.01.1 - TR618A valve hole !
Sensors are mounted at the inside of the rim.

Sep 30, 2015

Tyre pressure monitoring devices are easily available and easy to use. Site inspection takes a short time before each shift. The question is , "off balanced load", was it loose on forks or a freely suspended load from the forks or a jib. Was the scisorlift part of the load lifting system.
A Telehandler Incident Investigation Document would help gather all the observations on site. The Australian version is a "work in progress".

Sep 30, 2015

The picture doesn't show the reasoning why a tele handler would be chosen for this job instead of a crane! I dare say it was lack of room or financial restraints maybe? However I have no doubt these two issues would have been overcome when the recovery operation was undertaken!

Sep 30, 2015

Research undertaken by a mayor telescopic handler manufacturer indicates that a 5% reduction in tire pressure from the manufacturer’s values can result in a 30% reduction in capacity at certain points on the load-height-radius curve which could result in the vehicle overturning !
Tire pressures should be checked daily as each day tires lose a little air but checking pressure with a standard gauge is seen as a hassle and often overlooked.

Sep 30, 2015
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