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A new look for CTE

CTE is introducing a new corporate identity for 2016, and has unveiled a new logo and will shortly introduce a new colour scheme/livery and new designs for its aerial work platforms.

The company plans to have all of the changes in place ready for a full blown launch at Bauma in April, In addition to the new logo it has updated its web site, which will include a ‘My CTE’ section for customers and dealers etc.… and will add additional languages to the current English and Italian.
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Unveiling the new logo today the company said: “Our company is in a major period of change. After 35 years on the market, we felt the strong need for renewal. The change is not just a new image, but hopefully conveys the full change we are experiencing, relating to our products and our way of doing business”.

“We did not want a totally new logo, but felt that a redesign of our logo was due. The icon representing the elephant remains, but with a rejuvenated look. The font was chosen with a more modern and communicative style, linked to the shapes of our products. Our pay-off message ‘Work Becomes Easy’ has remained, to continue to communicate in a strong and effective way our mission, i.e. ‘make work easier’, and not only, to represent a way of being, living, working”.

"We have also engaged the support of the Italian School of Design, with its young, fresh minds, to help revise the aesthetics of our platforms to achieve greater a ‘visibility of the product’ and making it stronger and recognisable identity”.
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The new corporate identity can be see in a new updated web site