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Time France to start manufacturing

Long term Versalift distributor Time France looks set to launch its own range of van mounted aerial lifts which appear to compete with those it currently sells from Time-Versalift.

Time France announced that it was moving into its new 20,000 square metre production facility at Ferrieres-en-Brie last month, and at the same time revealed plans to unveil its own range of van mounted lifts under its own Klubb brand, early in the new year. This appears to put it in direct competition with Versalift.
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A sneak view of one of the new Klubb van mounted lifts

The company also has its sights set on export, with the ambition to eventually become the European market leader. To this aim the company has a team of seven dedicated engineers on board and expects to begin production shortly after the launch.

Time France dates back to 1980 when the company JF Degrémont became the Time/Versalift distributor in France. When Jean Francois Degrémont retired in 2000 Time Versalift acquired the company and changed the the name to Time France, to reflect the fact that its principle business was to mount and sell its aerial lifts in France.

Time then recruited ex JF Degrémont employee Julien Bourrellis to manage the business, he had left earlier to manage a Software company start-up.
In 2002 the company Bourrellis organised a Management BuyOut and took over the business. Today he runs 13 companies under the Gelev Group umbrella.
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Time France's new 20,000 square metre facility

Under his management the company has grown rapidly from mounting and selling around 30 units a year in 2002 to a claimed 500 units at its peak. Products include: Versalift van, Land Rover and insulated truck mounted lifts as well as Isoli truck mounted lifts and its own specials.

Other companies in the group finance, service or repair the products, while others include Mobitec which specialises in the custom fitting out of commercial and utility vehicles and a real estate business.

Vertikal Comment

This is an interesting move on the part of Bourrellis, if the new Klubb range of van mounts does go head to head with Versalift, it will be a major gamble, possibly upsetting what appears to have been a very successful and mutually beneficial relationship. It will also increase competition in the van mounted market, currently dominated by Versalift.

In addition to this move APS in the UK will shortly begin producing the new range of Aldercote van mounts, which is likely to substantially increase the number of Aldercote units, well beyond anything it managed to achieve on its own.

It maybe that additional competition in this market will spread the usage of enclosed van mounted platforms over a wider geographic area? Interesting times


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