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Another tree another crane

A truck mounted – boom truck – crane overturned in the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts yesterday while lifting tree sections.

As the crane lifted a section of tree from the backyard of a house in West Plymouth, it lost stability and its boom came down on the house slicing the upper floor in two. A person was in the house at the time, but no injuries were reported.

The crane looks like a relatively new machine owned by local company Atlantic Tree Care, it was, we understand set up properly with all four outriggers fully set, and well supported by the ground. This suggests that the tree section being lifted was simply too heavy for the boom length and radius. A typical cause of crane overturns in this application.
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The scene yesterday evening

We will update when we receive more information.


Trainer Steve
You comment that this looks to be a relatively new crane. Are there any regulations about mandatory fitting of overload protection in the US? I know these cranes do have that technology available, but is it required to be fitted in the States?

Dec 22, 2015
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