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Federal Signal acquires

Shortly after announcing the sale of Bronto, its owner Federal Signal has taken over Westech Vac Systems, a small Canadian manufacturer of vacuum trucks with revenues in the region of $10 million.

Westech trucks are used in a wide variety of applications many of them for environmental clean up and waste water collection Federal Signal's incoming chief executive Jennifer Sherman said: “We expect it to be the first in a series of acquisitions, and it fits our strategy of acquiring capabilities that our core businesses can build upon".
Click to see Federal Signal sells Bronto to Morita

Vertikal Comment

It seems slightly odd that Federal Signal would sell a market leading company like Bronto and then start buying companies like this. However the move looks like it might have done Bronto’s staff and customers a big favour, it is likely to find Morita a far more compatible owner which can really contribute something to business.