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44m Bronto for L&N

UK based L&N Platforms has taken delivery of a new 44 metre Bronto S44XDT truck mounted lift, its largest unit so far.

The new machine is mounted on a two axle chassis and joins an all Bronto truck mounted fleet, which include the 34 metre S34MDT and a 36 metre S36XDT. The 44 metre unit features a similar specification to the S36, with a four section main boom, plus a long fixed length jib and a short articulating jib. Maximum platform capacity is 700kg, with 180 degree platform rotation, 24 metres of outreach, fully variable base jacking and auto levelling.

The company specialises in exterior window cleaning on multi-storey or difficult to access buildings, in London and the ’home counties’ providing all the personnel and equipment. It also provides the lifts for other applications but with a focus on external building maintenance work, and also rents the units out to companies in a similar line of work.
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The new machine is handed over

Director Lee Roebuck said: “This investment is part of our expansion plan which we have been working hard on with Bronto in the mid-range sector which we specialise in. As a company that runs 34 metre Bronto’s and took the first 36 metre in the UK, this next model is to help us with the extra height on the same size chassis".

"As a core part of our business is in London, this size of lift is ideal to get around in the city. Bronto has also tailored the truck for our needs and supplied us with a great support system, we would have been fools to have looked elsewhere for our next unit, and as we pride our self on service we keep the same loyalty with Bronto”.
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At the handover: (L-R) Lee Roebuck of L&N, Arne Denks of Bronto, Nicky Francis of L&N and Ian James of Bronto