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Rental software merger

US based Point of Rental and UK based Syrinx/Higher Concept Software, have announced a merger.

The merger will create one of the largest rental software providers worldwide. Point of Rental currently serves around 2,700 customer locations in 33 countries, while Syrinx software is used by 2,000 customers across 10 countries.

The Higher Concept office in Reading, UK will continue to operate with Syrinx’s current staff, led by managing director Mark Goodrum. In Australia both companies now have offices and will continue to serve and support that market.
However the Syrinx team will adopt the Point of Rental Software name.
Point of Rental is new to Australia, having opened an office in Melbourne at the end of last year, while Syrinx has 20 years experience and a wide customer base.

The merger will bring Point of Rental’s cloud based software and ERP solution to the European market as it runs alongside Syrinx. While Point of Rental Expert and Syrinx are both scalable to small or mid-sized businesses. Point of Rental Essentials provides cloud based system for straightforward rental and asset needs, while Point of Rental Elite provides customised software for larger more global companies.

Point of Rental chief executive Wayne Harris said, “We are proud to bring together two amazing companies and are excited about expanding our presence in the hire association of Europe. We look forward to offering the combined talents, products and service and believe it will greatly benefit our customers and the industry both now and in the decades to come.”

Syrinx sales manager, Katy Williams added: “We are so excited to join our team with Point of Rental. Our companies have held the same core values for decades and have been driven by the same ethos. We firmly believe that this merge will be seamless and bring a better experience to all of our customers.”


Great news for the Syrinx staff and customers alike.

Syrinx has been fairly dynamic in tailoring its product to the customer’s needs and has moved some of its new offerings to a cloud based platform such as the driver and workshop apps. Nonetheless with the influence of Point of Rentals it should in principal make their future product untouchable.

However this new merged company must make sure they continue to listen to their customers and don’t force them to accept change they don’t want
and suits your bottom line!

As for the comment about notifying Syrinx customers before a press release.. This merger makes absolutely no material difference to the service or product Syrinx currently offers. This is 2016 count yourself luck that you didn’t read about it on Twitter!

Jul 5, 2016

Congratulations to all!

This sounds like a really good move for all, where the best bits of the two offerings can be brought together to benefit all users.

Lifterz has used Syrinx for 10 years, choosing it for its stability and reliability.

Jul 5, 2016

It would have been nice if Higher Concept could have notified its customers before we read it on Vertikal!!!!

Jul 5, 2016