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Have a good one

In a large part of the world that Vertikal covers work has stopped for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. All of us here would like to wish everyone – whether you celebrate Christmas or not a wonderful final few days of the year and a very happy and peaceful (and safe - of course-) holiday season.

We received the short video below from Nifty lift, a few hours ago and just loved it – yes it is from only one of our many and much appreciated supporters, but arriving just as the office was closing it caught us in the right spirit and we thought it reflected the Christmas mood perfectly and decided to share it with you. Maybe next year we will have one from another of our industry partners and can start a tradition?

Best wishes

The Vertikal Team


Mr X
Not sure that they have got enough drone footage of that "tree".......Merry Xmas 👍

Dec 24, 2016