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Boels acquires IQ-Pass

Boels Rental has acquired the entire share capital of IQ-Pass, a Dutch company providing access control technology, management and security for offices, industry, construction, maritime and offshore projects.

IQ-Pass was founded in 2008 in Breukelen, on the north side of Utrecht. It currently operates in the Benelux region and Germany, and to be the market leader in the Netherlands.

Boels plans to spread the company’s coverage over a wider international area, and encourage its growth through more investment. The company said: “For Boels Rental, this acquisition is a perfect fit for our strategy of expansion and positioning as ‘Total Solutions Partner’. For business customers of Boels Rental, the intelligent technological solutions of IQ-Pass are a valuable addition to the current supply of products and services.”
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The IQ-Pass offices near Utrecht

Managing director Pierre Boels added: “With laws and regulations becoming more and more severe, professional access control management is becoming a requirement for our customers at an increasing rate. In IQ-Pass, we have found a leading expert that shares our passion for solutions. A specialist in the field of access control and crowd management, with optimal customer support.”

Vertikal Comment

Rental companies and technology/software businesses do not have a strong record of working out, the two businesses are quite different. Although a philosophical argument can be made for combining them into a single company, but in practice one suffers – usually the technology business as the rental business tends to be more immediately demanding.

However there are always the exceptions, so it will be very interesting to see what sort of bedfellows Boels and IQ-Pass make. Watch this space.