300 tonne theft

A 300 tonne All Terrain crane was stolen last night from the Hovago yard in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

The six axle Liebherr LTM1300-6.2 is serial number 071511, build year 2014 and is painted in a special bright yellow/orange livery. The Chassis number: WLFA61AZZEEZZ0012

If you see or hear anything about this crane or are offered it, or have parts requests for it please contact Marcel Riemslag at Riemslag@hovago.com or +31 (0)10 89 20 475. Alternatively you can email info@hovago.com or contact the police - the Dordrecht police have a 24 hour number at +31 900 8844.
The stolen Liebherr LTM1300-6.2


Reminds me of an incident many years ago. A Grove TMS 300 (35 ton truck crane ) was stolen in Texas and taken to Florida. The thief ran the crane for a number of years. The boom hoist cylinders started leaking so he went to the local Grove dealer and ordered a seal kit. He was asked for the machine serial number and he readily provided it, not knowing Grove had a hot sheet of stolen cranes. He was arrested right away and the crane was recovered.

Justice prevailed. (Although a little delayed).

Sep 4, 2017

I've always thought it would be easy to steal a crane, keys are often left in the cab and when it is locked it doesn't take you long to find them because they're left where they will be easily found as NO operator wants a phone call on their day off asking where the keys are!

Sep 3, 2017

Are they sure they haven't just parked it in a different part of the yard to normal?

Maybe someone has parked in front of it and its just out of the line of sight ?

Case in point : I lost where I parked my VW Golf in B&Q car park last Sunday - took me 2 or 3 minutes to find it again! You never know ! Only went in for a light bulb and came out and thought the car had gone... it was there all the time - Did I feel daft or what?

Sep 1, 2017
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