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300 tonne Kobelco crawler

Kobelco Cranes has announced a new 300/350 tonne crawler crane, the CKE3000G with a maximum capacity of 300 tonnes for the standard crane and 350 metric tonnes with an SHL specification.

The CKE3000G is primarily a European model, while a North American version carries the CK3300G-2 designation, with the CKS3000 for the Standard model for the rest of the world.

The new cranes top out Kobelco’s multipurpose CK / CKE / CKS series of crawler cranes, currently topped by the 250 tonne CKE2500G-2, which has been a best seller some time. The company says that the basic concept of the new model is ‘Versatile & All Rounder’ and has recognised the need for such cranes to have higher capacities to manage the increasing weights and dimensions of construction materials and heights of high-rise buildings.
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The new Kobelco CKE-3000-G

The cranes can be equipped with a side variety of attachments, from the standard crane configuration, including fixed jib, to heavy fixed jib and luffing jib and the SLH the super heavy lift configuration. Capacities through the load chart are said to be up to 40 percent to 60 percent higher on the SLH luffing jib, compared to the 250 tonne CKE2500G-2, taking it in to the realm of 400 to 500 tonne class cranes.

Maximum main boom in for the standard model is 90 metres, with a maximum 78 metres combination, with the 30 metres fixed Jib, and 60 metres plus up to 66 metres of luffing jib. The crane can take lift just under 190 tonnes at 8.8 metres radius.

In SLH configuration the crane can take its 350 tonnes to eight metres radius. The maximum main boom is 102 metres and the maximum combination is 84 metres of boom plus 90 metres of luffing jib, or a total system length of 174 metres.

The cab has been designed with new operator friendly features with extra wide windows and tilting mechanism for greater visibility. The load moment limiter touch screen monitor is said to be intuitive and simple to use.

Overall transport width of all components is three metres and main machine weights can be adjusted with some variations in order to meet transport restrictions. A self-assembly system is available for to self-install the tracks, lower boom, carbody weights and counterweights. The European models are equipped with a fuel efficient EU Stage IV diesel, while the CKE-3300-2 for North America has a Tier 4 Final diesel.


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