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Comansa is the name

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Comansa is to drop the Linden Comansa brand name as it focuses its marketing efforts into its original name of Comansa.

The change will be implemented gradually right across the product range and at the company's facilities in Spain, the United States and China.
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Linden-Alimak designed and built the first modern flat top tower crane with its 8000 series in 1978. Comansa acquired the designs and rights to Linden-Alimak’s tower crane business in 1983, and gradually implemented the technology and design concepts throughout its own tower crane range. Adding the Linden name to the Comansa name was also helpful in opening up markets where the Swedish manufacturer was well known and respected.
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The Linden Comansa branding is going

The change means that cranes manufactured in Pamplona, previously marketed under the Linden Comansa brand, and cranes manufactured in Hangzhou, China, distributed under the name Comansa CM, will all now be branded as Comansa.

The crane nomenclature system which comprises the range designation prefix LC or CM will not change.
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The branding will be applied to all cranes made in both Spain and China

Chief executive Alberto Munárriz said: "After acquiring the prestigious Linden 8000 system from the Swedish company Linden in 1983, we started to apply its technical concepts throughout our range of tower cranes, therefore allowing our customers to enjoy its many obvious advantages. Combining the names Linden and Comansa in a single brand was initially important as we looked to open up markets, as it gave us recognition on markets where Linden had been a major player and the benefits of its products were widely appreciated."

"However, Comansa has been developing and improving this system for 35 years and has been actively present on the market for over 50 years. The fact that we continue to be a benchmark in the tower crane industry today is not due to the name Linden in our trademark, but rather thanks to all the work we have put in over many years, allowing our products to be renowned for their quality. In fact, we are widely known on the market as Comansa, meaning the change is very natural.”

"Moreover, the company's situation has changed a great deal over recent years, having set up in China and embarked on significant commercial expansion. This change aims to bolster our strategy at group level by having a single, uniform image on the market.”

“Dropping Linden from the brand does not mean that it is forgotten, the Linden brand and system, and all they entail, are part of our DNA. In fact, Comansa is the only manufacturer whose range of horizontal jib cranes consists solely of a flat top, pendant free design, which was undoubtedly one of Linden's most outstanding features. And, if there is one thing that characterises Comansa cranes, it is their outstanding modularity, just like Linden cranes. That is why Linden is still very much a part of the philosophy of all our products, even though it no longer appears in our brand name.”