Arborist Death Wish

Spotted in Germany and online, a tree worker using a log loading crane as a highly unusual and risky form of work at height equipment.
Hardly the most efficient of safe form of powered access

The man equipped with a chain saw has been lifted in the log grab and working horizontally trims trees at various heights. In the words of one of our correspondents "Here is one for your death wish series. Work taking place in Germany or might be Austria. I would not know where to begin with describing what is so wrong with this video. The daft thing is, they are all fully kitted out in the appropriate PPE for the type of work that they are carrying out, but that's where the safety apparently ends!”
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We assumed that this was a one off incident but further investigation has uncovered the fact that there are numerous examples on the internet of such practice.

Definitely one for the Death Wish Series

Have a safe weekend


When in Germany do as the Germans do

30 Nov 2018

No wonder the Germans lost lol

30 Nov 2018

Lay a man down prone, grab him around the torso with a grapple, hoist him up in the air wielding a chain saw.

And here I thought I had seen it all..........

30 Nov 2018
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