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Good machine, shame about the set up

Spotted a couple of weeks ago in Glasgow, Scotland, a truck mounted lift set up in the street with little attention to the risks.

The machine rented from Motherwell-based Evans was working on the facade of the Great Eastern Auctioneers building in the Trongate area of Glasgow. The 33 metre telescopic appears to be the perfect machine for the job, big enough to cover the work area with a full 180 degree platform rotation and little to no tailswing. However, sadly the machine has been set up with no outrigger mats in spite of the fact that locations such as this there is a high chance of underground voids - basements, cellars or other underground structures. The operator has not used cones or made any effort to stop pedestrians from walking under the work area, and neither the operator nor the man carrying out the work appear to be wearing a harness.
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Working in the street - no cones - no barriers

In the words of our correspondent: “Spotted today in Barrowlands in Glasgow – a potential entry for the Death Wish series. A 33 metre Ruthmann operated by Evans Access. The truck mount was set up on a side street with no outrigger pads and no cones. Neither person in the basket was wearing a harness and they were working above a pedestrian route with no barriers. When I approached and informed them that they should be wearing harnesses and working within a coned off area the ‘operator’ merely shrugged his shoulders and turned away. But at least his customer was wearing high viz - that will stop anything dangerous from happening!”

“Glasgow City Council require permits for all adopted roads which must be applied for in advance and include a Traffic & Pedestrian Management Plan provided by a specialist Traffic Management Company – detailing how pedestrians and other road users will be protected during the works. So we assume that they didn’t bother with this either?”
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A closer look

This is clearly one for our Death Wish series. This machine has excellent outreach - up to 21 metres - a 185 degree jib, and a 320kg platform capacity and very little tailswing - but combine this with the 7.5 tonne truck and the loadings on one of the load side outriggers could be as high as five tonnes or more spread over a relatively small jack foot/pad, more than enough to punch through into a void. Then while there is very little tail swing there is some and should a passing truck clip the top of the superstructure/turret the men on the platform would almost certainly be catapulted out with life changing injury - or worse - the result.
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If a void opens up or a passing truck clips the machine the hi viz will not be much help

To add some balance and mitigation the machine is set up in a quiet, narrow street and partly protected by parked cars. However the risks are clear and surprising in this day and age in the centre of a major European city. A definite entry in the Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


axle free switches are fitted to this machine or is it the operators responsibility to correctly set up the machine(front offside wheel)

Dec 15, 2018

If is a small word two letters with big meanings. If hese chaps get the job done safely they should thank their lucky stars. If they often work from a lift let us hope they are required to view this awesome web site weekly as an inservice approach required for continued employment. Accidents have so much ripple effect cost. They need to learn safe ways to work. Given these if?s are dealt with and satisfied they will be a lot better off in their work. I own and operate a Niftylift TM40 and I am a safe worker thanks to I mitigate my risks.

Dec 14, 2018

Crane lads
Bone idle the rigger mats are still stored on the machine.

Dec 14, 2018