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10,000th Hy-Brid scissor lift

US low level scissor lift manufacturer Custom Equipment has produced its 10,000th Hy-Brid scissor lift.

The milestone machine, a 14ft HB-1430, was purchased by rental company Lift Works, the same company that purchased Hy-Brid’s first 10ft HB-1030 lift back in 2004, which is still in the company’s fleet. The HB-1430 has an overall length of 1.76 metres and an overall width of 760mm. Platform capacity is 304kg.
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Steve Kissinger of Custom Equipment (L) with Martin Starck of Lift Works with the first and most recent Hy-Brid scissor lift ordered

Custom Equipment founder Steve Kissinger said: “I am extremely proud of our growth. I knew there was a need in the industry, but I had no idea how large that demand was. We started by offering one model and selling fewer than 100 units per year. As of last year, we offered six models that are sold worldwide. We’ve improved the lifts as we’ve grown, listening to the needs of our customers by adding productivity features such as USB ports, tool holders and parts trays. We also have made changes to improve the return on investment for our customers.”
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The Lift Works team with both scissor lifts

Lift Works owner Martin Starck added: “Customers love these lifts, and we’re so pleased with our experience with Custom Equipment. The compact size and high lifting capacity are the reason we’ve purchased them in the past, and the reason we’ll continue to do so.”

Established in 2003, Lift Works is based in St Charles, Illinois. Its fleet consists of electric scissor lifts, Rough Terrain scissor lifts, boom lifts and material lifts, among several other equipment.