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Is this for real?

Spotted by a reader, a stunt that clearly looks like a certain Death Wish involving a crane and a platform.

The photo shows a JLG boom Lift from the Boels fleet being lifted to an elevated position by a crane. Nothing wrong with that, but a man - the operator? – is riding the machine up by staying in the platform. On top of that he does not appear to be wearing a harness/attached lanyard and has opened the gate.
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A true Death Wish of some fancy photo manipulation?

So is it real? Or is this some clever Photoshop work? We're not sure – there are a few things that do not look quite right. The man for example looks to be a little small compared to the guardrails and control panel, but that may simply be the camera angle and some foreshortening. We have in the past received photos of people riding crane hooks, and riding a platform is no worse – probably safer? However should one of the lifting straps fail or a lug or the crane slip causes a catapult effect, this man would be toast.

True or false? We are not sure, perhaps someone out there knows more.
In the meantime have a safe weekend and, if you are celebrating Christmas, a safe and happy holiday period!


Stop the Lunacy
hmmm - that's a GREAT thought

Dec 22, 2018

Craig Ihde
Here's a thought... ask Boels! Both of these two machines have Boels branding on them. It was a Boels post that this was from (along with 2 others PICSs) Why guess ... why not ask them?

Dec 22, 2018

It's real, he's just a mi- short person. were I in that basket and stood in that pose, I wouldn't be far off. Given the jacket I doubt he's the operator. (The other guy in the yellow hivis with harness looks correct.)

Maybe it's a site manager? I've met several who think they can do what they want because they're a site manager.

What gets me though is everything is orange: Can you spot the power lead he's standing on? The orange endless webs.

The Future is bright, but not for this fella for long, if one of those goes.

Dec 22, 2018

Eric L
It looks fake to me. Something about it just doesn't gell

Dec 22, 2018

well at least he is wearing a helmet :-) - the operator might even have tried to switch over to the other unit nearby. A reason why he has opened the gate. The other operator is well equipped.

Dec 21, 2018