First Spanish Jekko JF545

Spanish rental company El Rayo Amarillo has taken delivery of a 15.5 tonne Jekko JF545 spider crane, the first in the country.

The JF545 combines a Fassi articulated loader crane boom with a Jekko tracked chassis and dual diesel/AC electric power packs for indoor work as well as outdoor, offering a maximum tip height of 30 metres. The crane can handle one tonne at up to 25 metres radius, has an overall width of 1.84 metres and an overall length of 5.45 metres. The JF545 - delivered by Jekko’s Spanish dealer Transgruas - can also be equipped with a platform attachment, giving a working height of 31 metres.
Jekko JF545

Established in 1965, El Rayo Amarillo is based in Barcelona. The company’s fleet consists of All Terrain, spider and loader cranes, as well as boom and scissor lifts up to 125ft.


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