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Jim Daintith is retiring

Yes it is true, UK access industry veteran Jim Daintith is finally retiring this month from IPS/APS.
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Jim Daintith

The founder of Access Platform Sales - APS - has been talking about retiring since first mentioning it in 2005, began to get serious about it in 2012 when he merged the business with IPS to form IAPS, became more serious about it in 2014 when Steve Couling was appointed as managing director and invested in the business along with other senior managers, but now he is finally, really doing it.
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Jim Daintith in APS’ first office a cabin in Huntingdon 1987

His career goes back almost as far as the self-propelled aerial lift business in the UK. He founded Access Platform Sales (APS) in 1987 after leaving rental company Hewden following its acquisition of the Seymour access rental business. He began operations in partnership with Malcolm Brown, owner of rental company Height for Hire, with a Portacabin on a plot next to the Height for Hire depot in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. He successfully negotiated regional dealerships for Genie AWP personnel lifts, Niftylift trailer lifts - both of which remain key product lines in the company’s portfolio - and Stothert & Pitt scissor lifts.

He was also out in front with spotting the potential of the spider lift market when it was simply a very niche end user type business, taking on the Hinowa account in 2004, and Omme lift in 2005, becoming market leader as spider lifts became more mainstream rental products.
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Jim Daintith and the APS team at Vertikal Days

Steve Couling said: “Jim has been instrumental to the success of APS, and I think it’s fair to say on behalf of his colleagues and customers that his hard work, commitment and dedication are worthy of admiration. We ask that you all join us in wishing Jim well with his future endeavours, we know that he is eager to spend more time in the US, do some travelling and perfect his tennis swing!”


This website has been invaded by scumballs, I'm afraid. Whoever has put a thumbs-down on here ought to be ashamed of themselves; and the multiples on the Art Moore article are just sheerly despicable. I reckon people are hiding and being mischievous because of the new format, but some things just aren't funny. Show respect, people. The people in these articles built YOUR careers.

Jun 26, 2019

Doug Johnston
I remember having my job interview in that portakabin and becoming Jims 2nd employee! What a colourful character he is , what a great boss he was, his flamboyant nature and kind character will be missed from the industry I am sure, all the best in your retirement Che !

Jun 26, 2019
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