Lack of a plan?

Sent in by a reader in the UK a photograph of a construction site where two of those working on the build appear to be trying to organise a concrete pour from a concrete bucket suspended from a crane into a lower floor, but do not appear to have a well thought through plan.

One man has climbed out onto a small the brace around a column formwork and appears to be pulling a tube/chute from the bottom of the bucket towards the column he is working on, while another appears to be climbing through protection barrier with a concrete poker. The photo clearly indicates that this particular work - involving a lift and working at height - has not been properly planned and could so easily have ended in tears.
One man balancing on a ledge, another heading his way

We are not at all sure when or where this incident occurred, or what floor they are working on, but it is clearly an example of poor practice and dangerous,and it is surprising in this day and age that the rest of the crew seems content to stand by and watch the two climbers.
Definitely one to go into our Death Wish series.
A closer look

Have a safe weekend


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