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First tower crane wind installation in Australia

ALE has begun operations to install the first wind turbine generators in Australia using a tower crane. The company is using two of its 135 tonne capacity Kroll K1650L luffing tower cranes on the Lincoln Gap Wind Farm site near Port Augusta in southern Australia to install 14 wind turbines at the site which will begin commissioning the first of its 59 turbines later this year.

The K1650L was chosen for its high wind speed tolerance of 15 metres per second for lifts over 60 tonnes and its small footprint which reduces the hardstanding required by more than 50 percent compared with other cranes of this size.
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A tower crane is being used for the first time in Australia to install wind turbine generators

As well as producing cost and time savings it also helps to reduce the environmental impact - a particular benefit in Australia where several wind farms are planned in forested areas.

ALE previously used these tower cranes in Thailand, to install turbines with a hub height of 162 metres, the tallest wind turbine generators in South East Asia. Maximum lift height of the K1650L is 179.5 metres.The following is a time lapse video of the Thailand project.