Crane electrocution

A man died in a crane incident near Goldsborough, south of Cairns, in Queensland, Australia yesterday.

The incident occurred at Little Mulgrave while three men were working on the replacement of railway tracks to a sugar mill, the crane, a 25 tonne Terex Franna belonging to Cairns rental company Southside, was picking & carrying some rails with one man, an employee of MSF Sugar, acting as banksman and steadying the load when the boom came into contact with overhead power lines, both the operator and the banksman received powerful shocks, and burn injuries. The banksman, 49, died from his injuries while the crane operator, 63, is in hospital in critical condition. A third man who rushed over to help them is also in hospital but is reported to be in “stable”.
One man died, and another was seriously injured when the crane boom touched the overhead power lines


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