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Brian Madden retires

Brian Madden who has headed up the engineering efforts at the Dublin based producer of Instant, UpRight and Zip-Up towers and systems for as long as most can remember, is retiring this month after 40 years with the company.

Although only a sprightly 63, Madden says he is retiring of ‘natural causes’ having “had a great run with UpRight, and enjoyed (almost) every minute of it”.
He is heavily involved in voluntary activities and wants t devote more time to them while he still can.
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Brian Madden, retiring after 40 years in access

He says “I value enormously the friends and contacts I have built up in Ireland and abroad during my working life. I hope to stay in touch with many of them”. He also names a number of special individuals, many of whom will be well known to our readers, here they are in his own words.

“First, I think of Wallace Johnson, the Founding Father of UpRight, with his marvellous blend of inventiveness, salesmanship, and drive to get things done.

Next, David L Davis, the first manager of UpRight Ireland, a sort of John Wayne character of immense depth.

John Rusling, the essential Brit, who was so important to our market development in the UK in the early years.

Nol Visser, who succeeded Dave Davis as manager, and from whom we learned JIT, Kanban, World Class Manufacture, and aggressive engineering.

Carlo Bacchiega, sales manager of Instant Italia for many years, who brought style, panache and warmth to the sales ethic.

Andrew Maher, personifying the sparring-partner relationship between Sales and Engineering, but lacing it with good humour and top-level storytelling.

Tony Burton, folklorist, archivist, joker, sometime deputy foreman, and teacher of street wisdom to anyone who cares to listen.

Alf Odrell, the irrepressible Prince of Sweden, who combined super-salesmanship with immense personal warmth, and a gift for people.

Noel Corcoran, for whom loyalty to UpRight is a natural instinct, and Gerry Carroll and his specials team for “saving the engineers’ bacon” on repeated occasions, as he would put it.

Madden will remain at and can be contacted through the UpRight offices in Park West Dublin, Ireland until the holiday period begins.

We Wish him a happy and prosperous retirement