A flash from the past

We were sent the following photograph that looks as though it dates back to the earliest days of the UK self-propelled powered access market, given the youthfulness of those in the photograph, many of whom are still very active in the industry – or were until recently.

How many of them can you recognise?

Time is precious and passes so quickly – enjoy your weekend.


I printed this just to add to my book “Going Up In the World” by Denis Ashworth. I wish a tenured person in the C & A field would write the second book to continue the history and legacies.

Aug 11, 2019

Glyn Goodwin
Front Tony Mort, Terry Davies, Gordon Leicester, Andy Northwood, Mike Evans, Mike Pitt, ?, ?, Jim Daintith & John Fuller. Many many years of industry knowledge, good health to them all.

Aug 10, 2019

How can anyone put a thumbs down for that comment?

Aug 9, 2019

Kenneth Goundrey
I would recognise Mike Evans anywhere :-)

Aug 9, 2019
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