Verton takes R-Series to UK

Australian technical lifting and load rotation specialist Verton has launched the R-Series remote controlled spreader beam that uses gyroscopic modules to rotate and control a suspended load via a remote controller, rather than with tag lines in the UK.

The R-Series can handle loads of up to 20 tonnes and has already been demonstrated to contractor Sir Robert McAlpine which has agreed to trial the new product.
Verton R-Series

Earlier this summer Dutch companies Mammoet and van Oord teamed up with Verton to develop the R-Series for wind turbine blade installation See A faster safer way to install turbine blades.

Verton managing director Trevor Bourne said: “We are delighted to be launching this new technology in the UK which will significantly improve safety and boost productivity and efficiency. The R-Series is a world first, remote controlled load management system which chief technology officer Stan Thomson invented and it is revolutionising the world of lifting operations. With the R-Series, workers will thankfully no longer be near or under moving loads reducing accidents and fatality rates in crane operations. Verton's equipment has already been adopted by crane companies and mine operators in Australia and we have had strong interest in Europe. Our lifting solutions will be used around the world and we are looking forward to working with UK partners in the coming months.”

Sir Robert McAlpine chief engineer Craig Hook added: “We have undertaken trials with the R-Series to demonstrate how a load can be controlled without the need for taglines, particularly useful when working at height and in built up areas. It was really interesting to see the Verton system in action at the demonstration. I was impressed with the ease with which a load can be turned remotely, meaning people are removed from the zone where they could be crushed. The days of the reliance on taglines could be a thing of the past.”


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