Storm downs crane in Nova Scotia

A tower crane came down in Halifax, Nova Scotia yesterday as Hurricane Dorian hit Canada’s Atlantic coast.
The scene yesterday morning

Winds were reported to have gusted as high as 141kph, taking trees over and causing widespread damage. The crane erected on a new high rise construction, seemed to catch the wind side on, and one has to wonder if it had ‘weathervaned’ or not, the whole thing was captured on the video below.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident.

We believe that the crane in question is the one pictured below, photographed on July 26th of this year. A Potain MDT supplied by tower crane sales and rental company Rapicon. Although we cannot confirm if the crane was sold by Rapicon to the contractor - WM Fares Group - or rented and who installed it. We have though asked the question. The tower also appears to be of quite a different vintage and style to the crane sitting on top.

We can now confirm that the crane was sold by Rapicon and owned by Lead Structural Framework, We have also learnt that a new crane was installed on the existing tower in May 2019, using a specially designed transition section, following a failure of the original top kit. The Department of Labour has issued a full report, alhtough it has been heavily redacted pending legal action - See the full report by clicking here.