Crawler crane slips off barge

The lattice boom of a crawler crane struck an apartment block in Miami Beach this weekend, when the barge it had been working from began taking on water.

The crane - owned and operated by SFI- Shoreline Foundation was carrying out repair work on a canal wall connecting with the Intracoastal Waterway and from a jack up barge. Over the weekend water began leaking into the bulkhead on one side of the barge, to the point that by Sunday night it was listing so badly that the crane eventually slipped off the into the canal.
The crane slipped off the barge into the water, while the boom struck the building

Thankfully none of the residents were hurt in the incident, although they were later evacuated. The crane leaked a large amount of oil and diesel into the canal, most of which was captured by containment booms that the fire department had placed in the waterway.
A crawler was bought in to help recover the sunk crane

The company has been trying to recover the crane with a couple of vintage American Hoist & Derrick lattice cranes, one crawler on another barge, and the other a truck crane.
An American truck crane was also brought in