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5,000 tonner starts work

The 5,000 tonne Sarens SGC-250 heavy lift crane is now fully installed and ready to start work on its first ever job at the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant site in Somerset. The crane is rigged with its full 168 metres of boom and 52 metres of luffing jib - rather than its maximum 100 metres.

The site invited the press to take a look at he new crane and here are a flew glimpses along with a video and interview with a commentary from Hendrick Sarens and Francois Swanepoel the lifting manager at the joint venture contracting group Bylor. We have also added a couple of other videos including Sarens original 3D animation video.
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The SGC-250 can be seen well before you reach the site along with a forest of luffing jib tower cranes

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The crane will carry out lifts up to 1,600 tonne

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The 5,000 tonner has taken almost three months to move from its test site in Ghent and erect on site

Sarens 3D animation video made last year

Here is another video from EDF showing the site as a whole


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