Oil & Steel for Jürgen Torner

German sales and rental company Jürgen Torner Baumaschinen has taken delivery of two Oil & Steel truck mounted platforms, a 19.9 metre Scorpion 2013 and 23.5 metre Snake 2413.

The Scorpion 2013 provides a maximum outreach of 12.5 metres with a platform capacity of 80kg, or 8.5 metres of outreach with the maximum 250kg capacity. The Snake 2413 provides an outreach of 12.6 metres with 80kg, while maximum platform capacity is 250kg at an outreach of 8.5 metres.
Thorsten Torner (L) and son Toni of Jürgen Torner Baumaschinen with the new platforms

Established in 1990, family owned Jürgen Torner Baumaschinen is based in Doberlug-Kirchhain, eastern Germany. The company’s fleet mainly consists of construction equipment, but also includes truck and trailer mounted platforms.


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