Near miss in Scotland

A cool crane operator helped prevent a load falling to the ground below on a construction site in Glasgow, Scotland, yesterday after one of two chain sets broke away from the load.

The crane, a Jaso luffer, working on the new Marriot Moxy hotel next to the SSE Hydro entertainment venue, for the main contractor Robertson which is building the hotel for Vastint Hospitality.
One set of slings breaks away from the load

A closer look at the spreader bar and rigging

The crane was lifting what looks a little like a rooftop chiller/AC unit, and was using a spreader bar rigged with two inboard chain sets attached to lugs on the load, when either one of the chains broke, or the lifting eye bolt on the load broke free?

The load was left dangling over the side of the building supported by the other chain, the operator allowed the load to stabilise and then carefully slewed it over the roof and gently lowered it into position, helping avoid any injures of damage.
The load is safely lowered onto the roof

The focus of any investigation is naturally going to centre on that rigging/slinging.


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