CPA open meeting

The UK's Construction Plant-hire Association’s (CPA) Crane Interest Group held an open meeting at the Nuthurst Grange Hotel, Hockley Heath, Warwickshire yesterday.

The meeting was attended by around 50 members including manufacturers and rental companies, and was chaired by chief executive Kevin Minton, in the absence of a member chairman following the departure of Janet Entwistle who left Ainscough and her position at the CPA earlier this year.
Refreshments were enjoyed prior to the event

The CPA has also appointed Ian Simpson as technical consultant. He presented an update on the CPA voluntary roadworthiness inspection scheme. Launched at Vertikal Days, the guidance mirrors the current HGV MOT scheme with an annual inspection of the road going aspects of vehicles. Simpson also provided technical and standards updates on topics including mobile cranes, cranes near airfields, Brexit and European and British standards.
Ian Simpson

Jamie Davies of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) spoke about the 2018 accident figures. Highlighting the fact that 147 people were killed at work, of which 40 were due to falls from height, 30 were struck by a moving vehicle, 16 struck by a moving object, 14 due to contact with a machine and 11 were arose from a machine overturn. There were also eight fatalities and 104 injuries associated with lifting. The HSE took 2,056 enforcement actions, and noted that the statistics have been flat since 2013/14.

CPA training and safety manager Rob Squires spoke about the Plant Mechanic Trailblazer Apprenticeship and noted that there is currently a shortage of colleges to deliver the scheme, as they wait to see the revenue opportunities before investing.
The meeting was attended by around 50 members


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