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Trailing boom failure blocks freeway

The boom of a 250 tonne mobile crane swung across three lanes of the Interstate 210 freeway on the North side of Pasadena, California on Saturday, shutting down the road for several hours.

The five axle Link-Belt ATC-3275 was traveling with its boom over the rear on a three axle trailing boom dolly, when something went wrong. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, and miraculously the crane was not only righted, but so was the boom trailer and after reconnecting it the crane went on its way!
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The boom swept across three of the highway’s four lanes

The incident occurred in the town of La Cañada Flintridge, the police were able to leave one of the highway’s four lanes open while the recovery was carried out.
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The recovery crew was able to not only right the machine, but also reinstall the trailing boom dolly

This is nowhere near the first trailing boom incident that has occurred in California - in fact it is relatively common, which tends to beg the question - how safe are these boom trailers, given that they run on the public highway?


If this type of accident is frequent in California I wonder if California law requires escort vehicles to accompany a rig being transported? Just a thought...

Sep 26, 2019