Alan Peck to sell Hoeflon

Foster Crane & Equipment - the UK distributor for Dutch spider crane manufacturer Hoeflon - has appointed Alan Peck as sales manager for the Hoeflon product line.

Peck was previously head of Böcker UK, which he helped set up in 2017, leading the distribution company for the German aluminium crane, hoist and lift manufacturer until early September when he suddenly departed. Alan Peck leaves Böcker UK

Before setting up Böcker UK he had worked with Kranlyft - the Böcker and Maeda crane distributor in the UK - having rejoined the company in 2013 from spider crane rental company Caledonian cranes. He left Kranlyft in 2017 with the Böcker account to set up the manufacturer's direct sales operation - Peck leaves Kranlyft. His first tour of duty with Kranlyft began in 2006 when he joined the company from Speedy Hire, and ended in 2010, when he left to go to Caledonian.

Managing director Andrew Foster said: “We are delighted that Alan has joined us, his role is sales manager for the Hoeflon brand of compact cranes and we are sure he’s the right man to introduce them to the UK market.”
Alan Peck


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