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Shitbox challenges

Casey Law of Australia’s Qld Access and Jason Cranmer of Skyjack Australia reached, Birdsville, Queensland yesterday – more than half way between Melbourne and and Townsville as they raise funds for cancer charities.

The trip from White Cliffs, New South Wales, to Noccundra, Queensland, was a great deal harder than the relatively easy first couple of days, and then yesterday the two faced the route from Noccundra to Birdsville,Queensland the toughest so far, which their $1,000 van struggling on the rough tracks through the middle of nowhere. See They are off
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The wide open road

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slow going for the access van

The satellite bulletin from the boys in the outback said:

“Again we had van issues and maxed out 80kph down to 60kph by the afternoon. We made the critical decision to remove the roof deck and become 15ft high club. The run from Noccundra to Birdsville was one the worst roads anyone had ever seen. Our team did six tyre changes in 200km between five cars, but we managed to hit 95kph once on a downhill stretch after removing platform.
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Off comes the work platform – Jason Cranmer on top following the Priscilla Queen of the Desert tradition

We also spent four hours in a fuel queue while all 260 cars in the run were filled from one bowser.
Spent last night in the iconic Birdsville Pub. Literally middle of nowhere!
Jason and I doing well.”
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The team arrives at the Birdsville Pub / Hotel

So far the two have raised more than $85,000 for charity - you can help get them get closer to $100,000. Every donation - no matter how small – will help with this worthy cause and show how generous the global lifting industry is. To donate directly to the team's Just giving page simply click
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The rally route