They are off!

Skyjack Australia’s Jason Cranmer and Casey Law of Qld Access are two days into their 3,614km trip through the Australian outback in their $1,000 scrapheap of a van, all in aid of charity.
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The message from the two adventurers as they reached camp said: “We have had a good trip so far, the car is struggling to do 85km/hour as it has an issue we can’t find limiting power. We did 590km on day one Melbourne to Wentworth sealed HWY.”

“Yesterday - Sunday - we did 520km on dirt. One of our team mate’s cars had an electrical failure and was off the road for two hours. We arrived in White Cliffs at 9pm and we’re second last team in of the 38 teams.”
The main roads – not so bad after all? - it will get worse!

“The food has been great, the sun set and sun rise amazing. Jason and myself have been doing great.” Casey.
The rally strikes camp

So far the two have raised more than $85,000 - you can help get them get closer to $100,000. Every donation - no matter how small - helps this worthy cause. To donate directly to the team's Just giving page simply click www.2019spring.shitboxrally.com.au/19ft-high-club/donate
Stunning sunsets


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