Hiab Nugent trailer crane

Hiab has worked with Northern Irish trailer manufacturer Nugent to develop the Hiab Nugent Crane Trailer, an electric loader crane mounted on a small trailer.

The crane is a standard 1.8 tonne/metre Hiab T-CLX 018 crane and is powered by two 12 volt deep cycle batteries, allowing it to be operated entirely independently of the towing vehicle. The trailer is a Nugent F3720H 3.5 tonne flatbed, which features Nugent’s Dual Drive suspension, which is said to reduce vibration and suspension noise, making it suitable for residential use. The companies have conceived the new crane with builders’ merchants, farmers and landscape gardeners in mind.
Hiab Nugent Crane Trailer

Hiab sales product manager UK & Ireland Alastair Evans said: “The beauty of the new crane trailer is that it can reduce manpower and speed up small jobs. The manual handling regs state that a single person should not manually lift a load that exceeds 25kg. With a capacity of 1.8 tonne/metre, our new crane trailer can do the lifting of half a dozen people in one go. The engineering teams at Hiab and Nugent have worked hard on the adaption of the trailer to make it suitable to take the crane. The crane is fully electric, so is emission free and very quiet. We have also included a solar powered trickle charge enabling the battery to be charged while the trailer is in transit to the next job.”

Nugent marketing manager Maryanne Conway added: “Nugent is always looking for ways to innovate and create new products to meet our customers' needs. It made sense to partner with Hiab because they are also innovative and have a strong focus on quality.”


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