CE certification companies merge

UK based notified body Powered Access Certification (PAC) has merged with the UK operation of Amtri Veritas to form Kuiper Certificering which will be based in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

The merger was spurred on by the UK's impending departure from the European Union and led by Amtri Veritas managing director Eline Beun who will be joined by three PAC technical officers, Peter Reed, Darren Gibson and David Johns, to continue to offer a full service to their customers. After 19 years with the company, PAC technical director Tim Watson has announced his retirement following health complications, but will continue as technical consultant to the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA).
Eline Beun

By combining the two UK notified bodies into a Dutch operation, Kuiper says it will be able offer certification CE type approvals from within the EU, and all the other services that the two companies provide, including the ongoing holding of technical files.

PAC managing director Paul Adorian said: “Speaking on behalf of my wife, Ruth our chairman, and myself, we are thrilled that we have been able to find a wonderful solution to the problems created for UK notified bodies by the decision of the UK to leave the EU. It was not our choice and our main concern was to find a solution that would enable the many CE certificates we have issued to clients all over the world to be replaced by an EU notified body so that, as and when the UK finally left the EU, our clients would still be in a position to continue the supply of their products into the EU.”

“In view of the fact that Ruth has suffered from motor neurone disease for 12 years and has just celebrated her 87th birthday, and I have reached my 84th year - 54 of which have been spent in the access industry - we both firmly intend to ensure the success of this new joint venture before reducing our workload in this exciting industry. We would both like to express our gratitude to our many clients who have stayed with us for so long and take this opportunity to wish Eline every possible success with the new venture which we feel certain will ensure a successful conclusion to a period of uncertainty which has caused so much concern to all of us.”
Paul and Ruth Adorian


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