Crane overturn in Belgium

An All Terrain crane overturned in Aaigem, between Ghent and Kortrijk in Belgium yesterday.

The crane a two axle Liebherr owned by contractor Bouwbedrijf Van Herreweghe was being used to lift materials on a small new home building site towards Waregem, after the site’s tower crane had broken down.
The recovery is underway

The crane was working with its four section boom fully extended, with outriggers on the street side retracted in order to leave room for passing traffic. The operator appears to have slewed over the retracted outriggers - weather conditions were also very windy at the time and the crane went over, Thankfully the operator was the only person involved in the incident - as the crane fell away from the site - and he managed to escape without any serious injury.
back on its feet

Local crane rental company Sarens sent two cranes out to upright the overturned crane.


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