Tree worker injured in platform collapse

A tree care worker was severely injured yesterday when his aerial lift suffered a structural failure after it was struck by the boom of an overturning boom truck

The man was trimming trees at a home in Beloit, Wisconsin – south west of Milwaukee - and working from the bucket of an Altec truck mounted lift, owned by local company Tree Wise Men. The limbs were being lifted down by a boom truck working over the top of the platform. When it lost stability due to overloading and overturned, the boom came down on to the platform's boom, with the resulting shock loading tearing the platform's slew ring away from the chassis, causing the entire superstructure of the platform to drop onto the roof of the home.
The scene shortly after the emergency services arrived

Local police said: “the weight from one of the trees caused the crane boom to pull over, the worker fell from the crane’s bucket and was later taken to a hospital.” We are told that he has suffered a severe back injury.

A big wrecker truck was brought in to recover both the boom truck - which appears to be an old Stinger, and the platform.
The recovery gets underway

A thank you to craniac 1 for finding and providing updated information on this incident, which had not been published at the time we reported. We used the initial police reports, which are usually accurate and which appeared to be corroborated by the tip off we received. Although in hindsight, there were some inconsistencies in the police report, which we put down to a poor command of terminology - assuming that it was the classic use of 'crane' for anything with a boom.


craniac 1
While the photo makes it appear the small boom truck shown was involved in the recovery there is more to the story- see another news account with pictures here: https://wrex.com/2020/04/03/man-hurt-in-crane-incident-in-town-of-beloit/
From the link above, the tree trimmer appears to have been injured when the aerial truck he was working from was struck by the falling boom truck. The picture shown in your article, circulated in other news venues, was taken after partial recovery had taken place.

Apr 3, 2020
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