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Hoeflon duo for UK

UK crane companies AnR Specialists and Lift Assist have both taken delivery of three tonne Hoeflon C6 spider cranes from distributor Foster Cranes.

The compact C6 features a five section 11.5 metre main boom and a 4.3 metre hydraulic luffing jib to offer a maximum tip height of 17 metres. Fitted with its luffing jib - which can luff down to 83 degrees as well as five degrees above the horizontal boom - it can lift 600kg at its maximum height and take 211kg out to its maximum radius of 13.7 metres.

Power comes from a Yanmar diesel with an AC electric motor option, with features including variable outriggers, an additional winch and 600kg of counterweight that can be self-installed by the crane. In transport mode the C6 has an overall width of 750mm, an overall length of 2.7 metres and a height of 1.77 metres.
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(L-R) Shaun Robinson of AnR with Andrew Foster

AnR managing director, Shaun Robinson , said: “The machine’s versatility and ability to work in confined spaces made the C6 an easy choice to buy. The fact that it can lift more than its gross weight allows us to carry out works we could not have done previously.”
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(L-R) Dean Wink of Lift Assist with Andrew Foster


I know both Dean and Shaun and have worked with them both. They are both great guys and good luck to them both.

May 21, 2020