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Crane & boom lift combo

Spotted by a reader based in Portugal, a boom lift being used from a truck at the same time as its loader crane.

It looks as though the company delivering and installing winch components for a new gantry crane, has picked up a boom lift on the way to the job. Once there the loader crane is used to lift the components into place while another person uses the telescopic boom lift to receive and install the part on the crane.
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Where to begin?! Well as is so often the case with loader cranes the operator has not bothered with outrigger mats, in spite of the fact that the jacks do not have pads, and given that the forces being applied on the jacks and beams is compounded by the effect of the boom lift in action in addition to the usual turning moment of the crane, on top of that the ground looks uncertain and there is a man up in the platform!

Moving on to the boom being used from the truck bed, it does appear to be well chained down, but you can be sure that no one checked the capacity of the chains and tensioners for the unusual forces applied by the boom lift in action. Finally with the occupants of the platform directly under the load one wonders about the slinging of the load etc...

All in all an absolute definite one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


vertikal editor
Well spotted jklyz we missed that piece of timber.. good to see that it was not quite as bad as it might have been - many thanks

Jun 5, 2020

What's that writer talking about?,there are plates on the side where the lifting focused,also what makes him think these guys did not check the pressure on the chains,the man lift don't look directly under the load either haha

Jun 5, 2020
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