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What traffic?

Spotted by a reader in Brighouse, between Leeds and Manchester in the UK, a scissor lift being used to lift a large steel ‘I’ Beam in the middle of a roundabout with no traffic control on a busy junction on the A-643 road through the town.

The question of overloading is an interesting one and looks to be an issue here... Allowing for 100kg per person plus the beam which probably weighs 150kg, it brings the total to around 450kg - possibly 500kg? The Genie GS-2669 has a maximum capacity of 680kg so in terms of total weight in the platform, all is OK, however the fact that the beam is around twice the length of the platform changes things in terms of cantilever loading and wind sail area.
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Set up side on in the middle of the roundabout with zero traffic control

The platform was working on the renovation of a pub, and had been in the road for some time, and one assumes that the three men then manhandled the beam sliding it from the platform into the building, presenting all manner of risks as well as exceeding the manual handling rules. And if all that is not enough they are working directly under some overhead cables, one has to hope that they are communication cables rather than power lines.

The lead man in the platform spotted our correspondent as he got out of his car with his camera, and started shouting "get back in that f#*&$ car", so was clearly aware of the extent and risks. Our correspondent responded: "Do you realise the risks and danger involved here? A bus or a truck will struggle to get past you. A small crane would make that so much easier", to which he responded: "Why would I need a f#*&$ crane when I have this machine which is a lot cheaper?" By this time he had become so agitated that our correspondent decided that it was time to make a swift exit.
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The man in the platform has spotted our correspondent

Not only does this probably break local laws on working in the road with unregistered equipment without gaining a road closure permit, but it is highly dangerous in that the driver of large truck or double deck bus might focus on getting past the scissor lift but catch the beam!

Most definitely one for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend.


Methinks the man in the platform doth protest too much.

Jul 17, 2020
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