First Tadano ATF-120-5.1 for Oz

Australian heavy fabrication, site services and crane rental company Xtreme Engineering has taken delivery of the first Tadano 120 tonne ATF-120-5.1 to arrive in the country.

Xtreme is based in Gladstone, on the Queensland coast, roughly halfway between Brisbane and Townsville. The five axle crane is also the first brand new crane that the company has purchased. It features a 60 metre seven section main boom plus a nine to 19 metre swingaway extension which offsets by up to 45 degrees and can be extended to 31 metres with inserts for a maximum tip height of 92 metres.

Xtreme Engineering needed the crane for an urgent project and given that the ATF-20-5.1 was in stock in Queensland, was ready for delivery in a few days.

Xtreme’s managing director Scott Harrington said: “The Tadano team made sure that we got the crane within a matter of days, and with our logo and our company colours to boot. I have nothing but praise for the Tadano service team and sales manager, Jason Perry.”

“The fact that we decided on the ATF-120-5.1 was no mere chance, as we already have a Tadano TR250E and a GT550E in our fleet and are extremely happy with the reliability of the two cranes. That’s why we trust the brand, not to mention Tadano’s exceptional customer service and product support. Even with a long main boom of 60 metres, the crane is light enough to travel with the hook block installed. From our perspective, that makes it an extraordinary machine when it comes to roadworthiness.”

“The ATF-120-5.1 is a cost saver to us because we don’t have to bring in a subcontractor to get the job done. This means that we will be able to get new major customers and tap into new kinds of business, especially since we have the only ATF-120-5.1 in Australia and are in a position to offer exclusive solutions. This crane makes us more attractive to the bigger clients because we can do the whole job.”

“We have already used the crane for a wharf demolition project which is nearly finished, and already have more jobs lined up for the future, including replacing pipes at an alumina refinery and putting together a port control centre for ship loading operations.”


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