Airo launches 54ft hybrid

Italian aerial lift manufacturer Airo has launched the A18JRTH Plus, a hybrid version of its new 54ft A18JRTD Xtreme articulated boom lift. See Airo to launch new boom

With a working height of 18.45 metres the new boom has an outreach of 9.9 metres with the unrestricted 300kg platform capacity, while the 400kg maximum capacity is available at up to 8.5 metres with an up and over height of 8.5 metres. The articulating jib can rotate horizontally by 130 degrees, while 180 degrees of platform rotation is standard.
The new Airo A18JRTH Plus

The unit uses a similar drive system to the Manitou, with rough terrain axles with four wheel drive and four wheel steer driven by a large inboard mounted AC electric motor and a Lithium-ion phosphate battery pack. it also features a Yanmar Stage V/T4F diesel and generator to top up the battery pack. Gradeability at 40 percent matches the Diesel 4x4 model. Tyres are solid, non-marking lugged RT tread, while total weight is 8,930kg.
The RT axles with four wheel drive and steer

The machine can be operated as a pure electric or as a ‘Hybrid Automatic’ where the engine powers up if the battery pack runs below a given level. The batteries can be recharged with an onboard charger, via the engine or an optional remote ‘Supercharger’ which the company says can recharge the battery pack in two hours. The unit is wired for telematics, complete with a black box function recording functions etc.
The hybrid power pack

The control box


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