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Solar powered Hiab

Connetts Farm, based in Devon, UK, has taken delivery of a solar powered Hiab T-CLX 018-2 trailer mounted loader crane.

Mounted on a 3.5 tonne Nugent F3720H flatbed trailer, the new crane was supplied with one manual extension and offers a maximum load moment of 1.9 tonne/metres and up to 4.2 metres of reach. It is fully electric, powered by a 400AH battery pack which is charged with a 30 AMP solar charge panel within the trailer which can be monitored through a mobile app. The trailer also features Nugent’s Dual Drive suspension, which is said to reduce vibration and suspension noise, making it suitable for residential use.

Connetts Farm owner Nick Stevens, said: “We reached a point where our customers wanted us to supply more specialist composts, manures and mulches in large bags directly to their door. At that time, we only had a tipping trailer which wasn’t suitable for clean, effective and safe delivery. I was already familiar with Hiab’s cranes, so I spoke to them to see if they could help. We’ve since invested and it has opened up doors for us as a business.”
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Heather and Nick Stevens from Connetts Farm

John Abbott, southern key account manager for Hiab, said: “There is currently a gap in the market for a quality trailer-mounted crane with excellent lifting capabilities. Our partnership with Nugent offers a practical solution to the market which has the added bonus of green credentials. We’re always looking at ways to make life easier for our customers and this is one of the solutions we have developed to offer specialist heavy-duty lifting equipment straight from a manufacturer ‘off the shelf’. I’m confident this solution will prove popular as we roll it out further across UK and Ireland.”

Colm Brown, sales and technical director for Nugent Trailer added: “Anyone who is having manual handling issues for deliveries, a crane/trailer combination could be the solution. We have engineered the chassis to accept the crane from the factory, it has been designed to be completely stable carrying weight on the trailer and moving bulky items at height.”