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Trump rally overturn

One of two narrow aisle slab scissor lifts overturned in Hickory, North Carolina, at a Trump rally on Sunday evening while they were being used to support a large American flag between the them in strong winds.

Fortunately the scissor lift that overturned came to rest on the building behind and no one was injured. Organisers quickly rushed to lower the second scissor before it too overturned.
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The overturned scissor lift at the Trump rally

The video below shows the scene shortly after the incident. Given the size of the flag and the high wind speeds it could have easily been so much worse with both scissor lifts overturning.

For obvious reasons, the use of banners/flags on scissor lifts – especially if they are intended for indoor use – should be avoided.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series.


Let’s face it.....the type of people that vote for Trump are the type of people that put flags on platforms on a windy day.

Nov 4, 2020

Dejavu Leigh.

Nov 3, 2020
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