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All electric Sarens SGC

Sarens has introduced an electric version of its SGC heavy lift ring cranes in the form of the 99,000 tonne/metre SGC-90 with a maximum capacity of 1,650 tonnes.

The new crane sits on a 35 metre diameter ring, with a maximum counterweight of 2,700 tonnes. It can be configured with main boom lengths of 100, 120, and 130 metres and a 200 tonne capacity 27.5 metre jib. Sarens' heavy duty and light duty jibs from its existing SGC-120 heavy lift crane can also be used to achieve a greater hook heights.
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The SGC-90 electric heavy lift crane on test

The big difference with the new model is that all of the hydraulic drive motors - which power the hoists and slew bogies - have been replaced with electric motors. The idea is that the crane is wired into a main power source in the same way as some big mining shovels/draglines, port cranes or tower cranes. Where a mains electric source is not available the crane can of course use diesel powered generators, although that defeats the purpose. However the electric drive motors are likely to be a great deal smoother and more efficient than the hydraulic alternatives, while eliminating oil usage and the potential for leaks.
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The SGC-90 offers main boom lengths the 130 metres

Sarens claims when working on mains power energy consumption is 40 percent lower than for a diesel hydraulic version, while dramatically reducing maintenance parts usage. The crane also generates power when lowering the boom or hook and can input that power into the national grid.
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The SGC-90 winches are all electric powered

As with all Sarens SGC models, the crane was fully developed in house, with fabrications made by sub-contractors. The new crane has been given the name ‘Little Celeste’. The following detail shows further detail: